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This section covers the most commonly asked questions by event organizers along with a detailed explanation for each of them.

Here are the FAQ’s based on the Modules

Event Setup

  1. How can I change the time zone of my event?

  2. How to edit the name of my event?

  3. How to import a document?

  4. How do I use the different image editor options?

  5. From which address the emails are sent?

  6. How to Cancel Registration or Delete my account from Expoplatform

  7. How do we enable a widget view for the attendee page?

  8. Custom CSS changes

  9. How can we set Default Payee as the company?

  10. How to add an event admin?


  1. What happens if several people register with the same email?

  2. How can a user set up their login password on their initial login?

  3. How can a user profile be deactivated without permanently deleting it? or How an organiser can make a user profile invisible on frontend?

  4. Can the organizer include a default logo for exhibitors who haven't uploaded their company logo?

  5. Can we customise Add Team Member form on frontend

  6. Is it possible to conceal Products and Brands for exhibitors who don't have a team member?

Networking & Matchmaking

  1. Setting Date and Time for Online/Offline meeting

Management (Participants/Exhibitors)

  1. Creating Visitors and Exhibitors Through Admin Panel

  2. When is the Re-send Activation Link visible for the User Profile?

  3. How to send a Username and Password to an Exhibitor to log in to ExpoPlatform?

  4. Exhibitor Profile Building

  5. How can the positioning of the Exhibitor Video be managed on the Exhibitor profile page?


  1. Adding Background Image to Online Rooms

  2. How to Enable Exhibitor Events

  3. How organiser can set Exhibitor Events to be auto approved?

  4. Can the organiser customise Session Card Information?

Mobile Application

  1. Do we have a Print Badge option on Mobile Application?

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