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End-User Documentation


Matchmaking, Recommendation & Favorites Messaging My Basket and purchases Rate meetings Searching exhibitors, products and brands How can I login?


Exhibitor Dashboard Building Exhibitor profile How Admin Team Member can set up Exhibitor Profile Add/Manage Team Members and their Schedule Adding and Manag...


How a User can login How can I login? My ScheduleMy schedule: Visitor Visitor Dashboard Visitor Dashboard Edit Visitor Profile How to edit a visitor profile

Online Meetings

Requesting Online Meeting Meeting statuses How to join Online Meetings Enter the Virtual Room Online Meetings - Troubleshooting Live stream or Video playback...

How to add Sessions to your schedule and Sync with External Calendar

Sessions can be used for a variety of purposes, such as online training, product demonstrations, marketing events, and conferences. Sessions page front-end v...

Mobile App End User Functionalities

Functionality of Container App and HomePage Visitor Profile: Mobile App Schedule, Meeting & Message Page: Mobile App Exhibitor & Product Page: Mobile App Ses...

Making the Most of Lead Retrieval

With ExpoPlatform you can generate leads before, during and after the event, and can follow up with them in real-time through the platform and the event app....

Tutorial Videos for exhibitors and visitors

Tutorial Videos for Exhibitor Profile Profile Info How to Edit Exhibitor Profile How to add Video and Marketing Content How to add a Team Member How to add a...

Tutorial Video for EP Lite Users

Here are a few tutorial videos on how to set up and manage your event on ExpoPlatform. How to manage and set up the event and registration on the Admin Panel...

FAQ's (End-User)

This section covers the most commonly asked questions by events participants along with a detailed explanation for each of them.

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