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Tutorial Videos for exhibitors and visitors

Tutorial Videos for Exhibitor Profile

Profile Info

  1. How to Edit Exhibitor Profile

  2. How to add Video and Marketing Content

  3. How to add a Team Member

  4. How to add a Child Company to Exhibitor Profile

  5. How to Add Products

  6. How to add Branding Banners to exhibitor profile

  7. How an exhibitor can add News Articles

  8. Creating and managing an exhibitor event

  9. How to add Sponsorship Pop Banner

  10. How to use Online exhibitor services

  11. How to Download Leads

  12. How to manage Profile Settings


  1. How to check the Exhibitor Dashboard

  2. How does Matchmaking work for Exhibitor Profile

  3. How to view the profile that has been Favorited

  4. How can an exhibitor schedule a meeting

  5. How to manage and view Team Schedule

  6. How to View and Send Messages

  7. How to Rate your Meetings

  8. How an Exhibitor can invite attendees to the event

Tutorial Videos for Visitor Profile

Profile Info

  1. How to Edit Visitor Profile

  2. How to join and manage Community Groups

  3. How visitor can Print a Physical Badge

  4. How to Download Leads

  5. How to manage your profile setting

Networking and Matchmaking

  1. How to manage your Dashboard

  2. How do Matchmaking & Recommendations work on ExpoPlatform

  3. How visitor can schedule a meeting

  4. How to send a message and create a group chat

  5. How visitors can view their schedule and meeting details

  6. How to Request for Proposal

  7. Request for a Sample Product (RFS) on the event

  8. How to search Exhibitor and Products

  9. How to Rate your Meetings

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