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ExpoPlatform Integrations

Integrations with ExpoPlatform can done via one of the below mentioned 3 methods:-

Option 1:- Integrating via ExpoPlatform Open API

Expolatform has REST APIs that can be used to read/retrieve, create, update, or delete any information present on the ExpoPlatform system for any of the following objects.

  • Visitor Information;

  • Exhibitor Information;

  • Product Information;

  • Event Categories;

  • Event Information;

  • Speakers Information;

  • All static information pages.

Note: It is also possible to upload this information with spreadsheets in the back-end and download the information via reports

API Documentation :

ExpoPlatform V1

ExpoPlatform V2

Option 2: Integrating using already built Native Integrations  

We have existing direct integrations with the following suppliers:

  • GES/VISIT (N200) Registration

  • Aventri V2

  • A2Z

  • ASP

  • Atlas Integration

  • Aventri (Atlas) Integration

  • Gleanin Integration

  • Konduko

  • Poken API

  • SAML 2.0 Login Authorization

  • Stripe

  • PayPal

  • ParamPos

Option 3: We build a new custom integration from scratch.

If the platform you wish us to integrate with is not able to use ExpoPlatform’s Open API or is not listed above in the list of Native Integrations then we need to develop this integration from scratch which will be a completely new build. This new build is referred to as a “Feature Request” on our end.

Below is the process flow of a Feature Request:-

Please note all the feature requests have time and cost implication. Delivery of the Feature Request will be subject to the current Roadmap Status of the product and the cost will be subject to the development effort required to develop the Integration.

You can share your requirement for a new integration in the below format with us at

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