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App list

Building your mobile application- app list feature page.

This page contains the following 3 items:

  1. List of all applications created within a specific environment.

  2. “Add New App” button

  3. Publication guide

Highlight important information in a panel like this one. To edit this panel's color or style, select one of the options in the menu.

Feature name

List of all applications created within a specific environment.

Feature purpose

List of all appication cards created within an environment.

Working with the feature

  1. If the user needs to modify any app assets/features, they can click on the app name appearing on the cards and can start editing. The app card shows the app name, app id etc. A cancel button to delete the app is also present.

  2. A label is also present which shows the current status of the app- “In preparation” means configuration of app in builder was finished and app can be pushed via task in Jira to publication. This label appears if atleast any 1 change is made in the builder and it is saved.


If app setup wasn’t finished, card won’t contain label, and will contain pipeline with all steps.

Feature name

Add New App button

Feature Purpose

To initiate creating a new app.

Working with the feature

The organiser will click on the button and then start the process of filling up the app form that appears on the screen.


Feature name

Publication guide

Feature purpose

To view a summary time for app launch

Working with the feature

Publication guide-If you submit your app today, you can anticipate it going live approximately two weeks from now. So, let's say if you submit it on April 4th, you can expect it to be live around April 18th.

That's it! Just keep in mind this rough timeframe, and you'll be all set.


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